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Our Mission is to Encounter Jesus

What we believe says a lot about who we are, what we do, and how we connect.

We are a proud member congregation of the Global Methodist Church. Learn more below.

What we believe

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A Global Methodist Church

We are a proud member congregation of the Trinity Conference of the Global Methodist Church. Our church continues our rich Wesleyan history in this new season of life. For more specifics about what Global Methodists believe, click below.


Encountering Jesus

We believe that every next step in our stories begins with an Encounter with Jesus. In worship, in scripture, in prayer, in community, our mission is to Encounter Jesus, Engage with Jesus, and Enthrone Jesus.


Inspired, Eternal, and True

We believe that the Bible is a library full of diversity of stories, contexts, and language. But the Holy Spirit has stitched together that diversity into a library unlike any other to lead us to Jesus Christ. The Bible is inspired by God, eternal in scope, and true unto salvation.

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