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Mark Porterfield

Ordained Elder

Global Methodist Church, 2023


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Texas A&M University, 2013

Master of Divinity

Asbury Theological Seminary, 2018

Howdy 👍

I'm Mark Porterfield and I'm the husband of Jennifer Porterfield, and Dad to Mary, Maxwell, and Ezekiel Porterfield. I'm also the Pastor here at First Methodist Church of Cameron and I'm glad you've found our webpage! Here's bit more about me...

I grew up a Methodist preacher's kid in Texas. As a kid I lived all over East and Southeast Texas - from Newton to Marshall to Beaumont to Jersey Village. Then finally I moved to the promised land - that is College Station! I finally felt like I was at home as I studied Chemistry at Texas A&M University for 4 years. In that time I met my bride at the Texas A&M Methodist student center as I prepared for a life of lay ministry in the church as a researching professor of Chemistry. 

That is, until, God called me to something different. When I first accepted my call to professional pastoral ministry I was always clear about this: I don't want to be a pastor. And truth be told, I still don't want to be. There are about 10 things I can think of that I would rather do. However, I'm convinced that there is only this one thing that that God wants me to do. Maybe you're feeling the same way about visiting our church?

After submitting to God's call for my life, my new wife and I headed to Kentucky so I could study to become a pastor. I found home again in Wilmore, Kentucky at Asbury Theological Seminary. While there, I fell in love with studying the Bible and communicating its inspired and eternal truths to others. Four years and one child later we were on our way back to Texas to start the next chapter of our ministry. 


The next four years were spent in a couple of rural United Methodist Churches in central Texas. As I ministered with these churches they nurtured my family as I traversed the ordination process and as my wife and I had two more boys. Finally in July of 2022 God arranged for us to join First Methodist Church of Cameron in ministry. About this same time, I determined that God was calling me out of the church of my childhood and into the Global Methodist Church. In 2023 I became an elder in the Global Methodist Church, and I found home once again.

I hope I can sit down with you some day and talk about any number of mutual interests I'm sure we share (Porterfields are known to be men of many hobbies!) But even more so, I hope get the chance to minister with you in Cameron and around the world. 


Let's have coffee and talk Jesus.

Or talk coffee and have Jesus.

Either way is good with me.

(254) 697-4933

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