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February 18 Sermon & Devotionals

February 18, 2024

Sermon Audio

Holy Interruptions | Along the Way Week 2

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Five-Day Bible Reading Plan and Devotional

Day 1: Encountering Jesus Along the Way

Scripture: Luke 24:13-16

Reflect on the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. As they walked and discussed the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, Jesus himself drew near, but they did not recognize Him.

Devotional Thought: Consider the times in your own life when Jesus has been present without your immediate recognition. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes to see His presence in the scriptures and in your daily walk.

Prayer Focus: Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your understanding as you read scripture and to reveal Jesus to you in new and transformative ways.

Day 2: Encountering the Risen Jesus

Scripture: Luke 24:28-32

The disciples invited Jesus to stay with them, and in the breaking of bread, their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him. Reflect on the significance of this moment of revelation.

Devotional Thought: Jesus often reveals Himself in the midst of our hospitality and fellowship. How might you be more intentional about inviting Jesus into your daily routine?

Prayer Focus: Pray for opportunities to extend hospitality and to recognize Jesus in the sharing of meals and fellowship with others.

Day 3: Encountering Jesus in Ordinary Ways

Scripture: Luke 24:17-24

The disciples recounted the events of Jesus’ crucifixion and the reports of His resurrection, not yet understanding that they were speaking to Jesus Himself.

Devotional Thought: Sometimes it is in the retelling of our own stories that we become aware of God’s unseen hand at work. Reflect on your own journey and identify where you have seen God move in what seemed like ordinary circumstances.

Prayer Focus: Ask God to help you be attentive to the “holy interruptions” that may be guiding you to a greater awareness of His work in your life.

Day 4: Transformation Through Praise and Grace

Scripture: Luke 24:33-35

After recognizing Jesus, the disciples returned to Jerusalem with great joy to share the news. Their sorrow was turned into praise.

Devotional Thought: When we experience God's grace, it transforms our perspective and ignites a desire to share the good news. Reflect on how you can express gratitude and praise for God's transforming work in your life.

Prayer Focus: Thank God for the grace that transforms lives and ask for the courage to share your testimony of transformation with others.

Day 5: Spiritual Revelations through the Emmaus Experience

Scripture: Luke 24:25-27

Jesus explained to the disciples how the Scriptures pointed to Him. This was a profound moment of spiritual revelation that deepened their faith and understanding.

Devotional Thought: Engaging with Scripture is essential for spiritual growth. As you read the Bible, seek to understand how it reveals Christ and applies to your life.

Prayer Focus: Pray for insight as you read the Word and for the ability to apply its truths to your life, allowing for continuous spiritual growth and revelation.

Closing Reflection: As you conclude this reading plan, take time to reflect on the sermon's message about recognizing Jesus in your life's journey. How has your perspective shifted throughout the week? Consider how the theme of transformation has become evident in your walk of faith, and give thanks for the journey thus far.

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