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January 21 Sermon & Devotionals

January 21, 2024

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Commit to Re-Connect | Belong Week 3

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Five-Day Bible Reading Plan and Devotional

Day 1: Engaging with Scripture

Bible Reading: Ruth 1:1-18

Today, we continue our journey through the story of Ruth and go back to the beginning to remember what we've learned. As we've read about Naomi's plight and Ruth's pledge of loyalty, consider what it means to make a commitment to God and to others. Reflect on the bonds that tie us together in faith and love. The story of Ruth starts with a powerful example of commitment. Ruth's decision to stay with Naomi illustrates a deep sense of loyalty and belonging. In our own lives, we often face choices that test our allegiance to family, friends, and faith. Let us pray for the courage to commit wholeheartedly to our relationships and to God's call, just as Ruth did.

Question for Reflection:

How does Ruth's loyalty to Naomi challenge you to evaluate your commitments to God and the people in your life?

Day 2: Ruth's Example

Bible Reading: Ruth 2:1-12

In today's reading, Ruth meets Boaz, who shows her kindness and allows her to glean in his fields. This act of generosity points to a greater theme of provision and care within the community. Boaz's righteousness and Ruth's diligence come together in a divine appointment that leads to blessing and provision. God often works through the kindness of others to meet our needs. As we read this passage, let's consider how we can be agents of God's provision in the lives of those around us.

Question for Reflection:

In what ways can you extend generosity to others, following the example of Boaz?

Day 3: The Kinsman Redeemer

Bible Reading: Ruth 3:1-18

Naomi advises Ruth on how to approach Boaz, and Ruth boldly seeks redemption. The role of the kinsman redeemer is central to this narrative, offering a rich picture of restoration and grace. Ruth's encounter with Boaz at the threshing floor is a pivotal moment of vulnerability and hope. The concept of the kinsman redeemer in this story is a beautiful picture of Christ's redeeming love for us. As we reflect on this passage, let's consider the ways in which we have experienced redemption in our own lives.

Question for Reflection:

How does the role of the kinsman redeemer in Ruth's story deepen your understanding of Jesus' redemption in your life?

Day 4: The Mission of Reconciliation

Bible Reading: Matthew 28:16-20

We step away from Ruth to look at Jesus' Great Commission. This passage calls us to action, to go forth and make disciples of all nations. The mission Jesus entrusts to us is not just a call to spread the gospel but also to invite others into a community of love and redemption. The reconnection card mentioned in the sermon symbolizes our responsibility to reach out. Today, let's commit to being proactive in sharing the hope we have in Christ.

Question for Reflection:

Who is God placing on your heart to reach out to, and how can you take a step towards reconnecting with them today?

Day 5: Embracing Redemption and Belonging

Bible Reading: Ruth 4:13-22

Let's preview the conclusion of Ruth. The story ends with Ruth's redemption, continuing the lineage leading to David, and ultimately to Christ. This final piece ties together the themes of belonging and the ultimate redemption found in Jesus. Ruth's story ends with redemption and a legacy that points to the coming Messiah. We, too, are part of a greater story of redemption and belonging in the family of God. As we end our week, let's rejoice in the grace that we have been freely given and our place in God's eternal family.

Question for Reflection:

How does the conclusion of Ruth's story inspire you to embrace your own story of redemption and belonging in God's family?

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