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Jesus Encounters in PLAYFULNESS!

As many of you know MVP (Minister Volunteer Program) aka. ‘the local youth ministers ministry’ is near and dear to my heart here in Cameron. I just love the ecumenical aspect of working together and alongside all parts of the Body of Christ. During the week of Spring Break MVP hosted a day in the local city park for the youth of Milam county.

Jesus sure has a sense of humor when it comes to play and if you do not think so come hangout with the youth sometime! One thing seminary doesn't teach is how to put up a portable volleyball net in hard, dry, rocky Texas ground. Maybe that’s a story for another day, if you're interested in a good laugh let's chat about it!

Anyways, on that breezy Tuesday of Spring Break several youth from the community came out and hung with MVP. There we ‘taco bout’ Jesus during our time in the park. It was fun and an engaging time with the youth of the community. Jesus was encountered through the giggles, silliness and act of play. We had an obstacle course, a scavenger hunt and so many other activities that allowed the students to participate together through the spiritual practice of play. We also participated in encountering Jesus through scripture and further continuing the conversation at DQ with their families for Spirit Night.

Some of you may be wondering what the spiritual practice of play is all about. Play is crucial to human brain development and is a thing of the Spirit. Play is how we engage with one another and is a practice that shapes our souls. The spiritual practice of play is what MVP used during Spring Break to create a safe and fun place for the youth to come together.

“The Human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.”

1 Corinthians 12

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