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March 10 Sermon & Devotionals

March 10, 2024

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Five-Day Bible Reading Plan and Devotional

Day 1: Jesus Calms the Storm

Bible Passage: Mark 4:35-41

Devotional: As we embark on this journey through scripture, we are reminded of Jesus' power over the storms we face in life. Today's passage recounts a literal storm that Jesus and His disciples faced together. As the winds howled and the waves threatened to overtake them, Jesus remained at peace, asleep on a cushion. When awoken by His fearful disciples, Jesus calmly rebuked the wind and the waves, bringing immediate calm.

Reflect on the storms in your own life. How do you typically respond? Are you like the disciples, fearful and questioning, or do you trust in Jesus' sovereignty over the chaos? Take time to pray, asking God to help you find peace in the midst of your own storms, relying on His power and presence.

Day 2: The Authority of Jesus' Word

Bible Passage: Psalm 107:28-30

Devotional: Yesterday, we saw Jesus demonstrate His authority over nature. Today, we turn to the Psalms, where the psalmist acknowledges God's power to bring peace to tumultuous circumstances. Just as sailors cry out to the Lord in their distress and He calms the storm to a whisper, so can we cry out in our moments of fear and turmoil.

Consider the power of God's Word in your life. Is it the anchor that holds you firm, or do you find yourself tossed by the waves of circumstance? Reflect on the times when God has brought you peace, and give thanks for His unfailing love and mighty power.

Day 3: Faith Over Fear

Bible Passage: Hebrews 11:1

Devotional: Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. This definition of faith from Hebrews challenges us to look beyond our immediate circumstances and to trust in God's promises.

Reflect on the areas of your life where fear has taken hold. How can your faith in God's faithfulness and sovereignty replace that fear? Spend time in prayer, asking God to strengthen your faith and to help you walk confidently, even when the path ahead seems uncertain.

Day 4: Joy in Trials

Bible Passage: James 1:2-4

Devotional: The sermon touched on finding joy in the midst of trials, a theme that is echoed in the Epistle of James. The notion of considering trials as pure joy can seem counterintuitive, yet James encourages us to do just that because trials produce perseverance, which leads to maturity in our faith.

What trials are you currently facing that could be an opportunity for growth? Ask God to shift your perspective, to help you see these challenges as a means to develop endurance and a deeper trust in Him.

Day 5: Peace Beyond Understanding

Bible Passage: Philippians 4:6-7

Devotional: As we conclude our reading plan, we turn to Paul's letter to the Philippians, where he instructs believers not to be anxious about anything but to present their requests to God with thanksgiving. The promise that follows is the peace of God, which transcends all understanding.

Reflect on what it means to experience God's peace. Have you allowed the worries of life to overshadow the peace Christ offers? Take time to lay your concerns before the Lord, thanking Him for His care and asking for His peace to guard your heart and mind.

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