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March 24 Sermon & Devotionals

March 24, 2024

Sermon Audio

The Way of Peace | Along the Way Week 7

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Five-Day Bible Reading Plan and Devotional

Day 1: Responding to God's Call

Bible Reading: Luke 19:28-34

Devotional: In our lives, we often encounter moments where we must trust and obey, even when the instructions seem peculiar. As we reflect on the sermon, consider how Jesus' disciples responded without hesitation to a task that required faith. What is God calling you to do today that might require a similar act of trust? Take time to listen for His voice and respond in obedience, trusting that His plans are for your good.

Reflection Question: In what areas of your life is God asking for your obedience? How can you respond to His call with the same faith the disciples showed?

Day 2: The Humble King

Bible Reading: Luke 19:35-38

Devotional: The sermon brought to light the humility of Christ entering Jerusalem on a donkey. This symbolic act reminds us that true leadership is found in humility and service. Today, meditate on the qualities of Jesus as a leader. How can you embody His example of humility in your interactions with others? Seek to serve rather than to be served, mirroring our King who came not to be served, but to serve.

Reflection Question: How can you follow Christ's example of humble leadership in your community or workplace?

Day 3: Speaking Truth in the Face of Opposition

Bible Reading: Luke 19:39-40

Devotional: As discussed in the sermon, even when confronted by the Pharisees, Jesus affirmed the importance of proclaiming truth. When faced with opposition or criticism, we too should stand firm in the truth of God's word. Contemplate how you can be bold in sharing your faith and giving praise to God, no matter the resistance you might encounter.

Reflection Question: When have you felt pressured to silence your faith, and how can you find the courage to speak God's truth despite opposition?

Day 4: Understanding the Way to Peace

Bible Reading: Luke 19:41-44

Devotional: The sermon highlighted Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, a city unaware of the true peace He offered. Reflect on the peace that Jesus offers that surpasses all understanding. It is not dependent on our circumstances but is found in a person, Jesus Christ Himself. Take time today to seek His peace in prayer, asking Him to fill you with His presence and calm any turmoil in your heart.

Reflection Question: What does the peace of Christ mean to you, and how can you pursue it in your daily life?

Day 5: The Coming of Zion's King

Bible Reading: Zechariah 9:9

Devotional: In light of the sermon's focus on the fulfillment of prophecy, take time to marvel at how Jesus perfectly fulfilled the words of the prophet Zechariah. His arrival in Jerusalem on a donkey was a powerful sign of His identity as the Messiah. Consider the ways God's prophecies and promises have been fulfilled in your own life. Rejoice in the knowledge that God is faithful and His Word stands forever.

Reflection Question: How have you experienced the fulfillment of God's promises in your life, and how does this deepen your faith in His Word?

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