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March 31 Sermon & Devotionals

March 31, 2024

Sermon Audio

Everything Changes | Easter Encounters Week 1

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Five-Day Bible Reading Plan and Devotional

Day 1: The Unifying Story of Scripture

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 4:12-13

Devotional: As the Sermon emphasized, the Bible is a unified library that leads us to Jesus. Today, meditate on the power of Scripture to shape our lives and our community. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through God's eternal and true Word.

Reflection Question: How does the Bible's unifying story lead you to a deeper relationship with Jesus, and how does it shape your interactions with others?

Day 2: Finishing the Job

Scripture Reading: John 19:25 & 42; John 20:1

Devotional: This week we first meet our heroine - Mary Magdalene. In Aramaic, “magdala” means “strong tower,” so it’s perhaps no surprise that we find her at these two critical moments in Jesus’ story. Reflect on what it means to stand strong in the face of adversity, and consider Mary’s character to stay with Jesus through the thick of this tragedy.

Reflection Question: How can you stand strong with Jesus in the face of adversity and trial? Are you more tempted to flee from or to the cross?

Day 3: Encountering the Risen Christ

Scripture Reading: John 20:1-2

Devotional: Today, we stand at the threshold of the empty tomb, much like Mary Magdalene did on that first Easter morning. Her discovery marked the beginning of a profound transformation. Reflect on how the reality of the resurrection invites us to witness the living Christ in our daily lives. How does the empty tomb challenge you to seek Jesus anew?

Reflection Question: How might the discovery of the empty tomb inspire you to seek and recognize the presence of Jesus in your life?

Day 4: From Grief to Revelation

Scripture Reading: John 20:11-16

Devotional: Mary Magdalene's grief is met with a personal encounter with the risen Jesus. Today, allow Jesus to call you by name, transforming your sorrow into joy. Contemplate on the moments of personal revelation where Jesus has become more real to you.

Reflection Question: When has Jesus called your name in a moment of confusion or grief, and how did that encounter change your perspective?

Day 5: Called to Mission

Bible Reading: Matthew 28:16-20

Devotional: As we conclude our week, we turn to the Great Commission. Jesus sends out His disciples with authority and a mission to make disciples of all nations. We, as modern-day disciples, are also called to embrace this mission. Reflect on the spiritual journey you have been on this week. How are you being called to share the resurrection hope with others?

Reflection Question: In what practical ways can you live out the Great Commission in your daily life, starting today?

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